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Destination Survey

Destination Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey - it should only take you a few minutes. It allows us to see where all our Year 12 graduates have ended up this year and see the types of courses or employment you have gone into.

Please complete the questions as they are relevant to your situation this year (you don't have to complete every field/section) and click the "Send Survey" button so that we can compile all the results. The final survey is completely anonymous, we are just collecting your name so we can see you have completed the survey and the other information is for statistical purposes only.

First Name:
Last Name:
ATAR/OP:   (optional)
Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? Yes  No

How many times did you seek help from the Careers Staff in Year 12?

1. What will you be doing this year?

(Please tick what is most appropriate to you. You can tick more than one box).  Going to University
 Going to TAFE/CIT
 Going to another Training Provider
 Going into Full Time work
 Going into Part Time work
 Starting an Apprenticeship/Traineeship
 Going into the Defence Forces
 Looking for Full Time work (but don't have a job as yet)
 Other (Please specify)

2. University Study:

If you have been accepted into University this year: What is the name of the course?
What University will you be studying at?
Are you going to be deferring the above course? Yes  No
Are you going to take a Gap Year? Yes  No
If "Yes", what are you doing in your Gap Year?

3. TAFE/CIT/Private College Study:

If you are going to be studying at TAFE/CIT (or with a Private College or Training Provider) this year: What is the name (and Certificate level) of the course?
What TAFE/College will you be studying at?

4. Scholarships:

Did you receive a scholarship? Yes  No
Details: (Scholarship name, how much, how applied etc.)

5. Employment/Apprenticeship/Traineeship:

If you are going to be working full time, part time or in an apprenticeship or traineeship, please tell us where you are working or what type of apprenticeship/traineeship you will be doing (including what type of industry you will be working in).

6. Where will you be living?

In this next year (whether it be studying or employment), where will you be living?  Staying in the local area
 Moving to another major regional town/city
Which one?  
 Moving to a capital city
Which one?  
 Moving interstate
Which State?  
 Moving overseas
Which country?